Our mission is  to offer vegans and non vegans the best vegan cake experience of their life. We have a range of sweets that are not only vegan, but also palmoil-free (100%), low gluten (70%), low fat and low of refined sugars (50%).


We offer ‘veganized’ classic pastries like New York cheesecake, tiramisu, Dutch apple crumble pie and candy bars like twix and snickers. 

Sustainability is one of our core values and we don’t like to throw away food. Unfortunately, sometimes we make too many cakes. Lucky you! If you subscribe to  our newsletter you will receive an email if we have extra cakes that you can come pick up with a 50% discount. First come, first serve

//  Important for people with a gluten intolerance:

Our kitchen is not gluten-free therefore we cannot assure 100% gluten-free products. If you are suffering from celiac disease we advise not to order and eat our cakes for your own safety. 

Healthy Treats

Vegan, low fat exclusive snacks and sweets, low on refined sugars (50%) and made with only the best ingredients. 90% of these products are made with gluten-free ingredients. Filter for more information. 

Veganized Classics

Our vegan (and even better) version of classic pastries. 

Vegan delight

Be surprised!


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