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Vegan and so tasty!

'When I turned 30, of course I wanted the best birthday cake. Because I changed to a vegan diet not long before, the cake had to be vegan but more important: delicious. The best I could find was some sort of sticky cookie made of a combination of raw nuts, dates and trendy powders. Not bad but certainly not a cake.


Since I love baking cakes myself, I decided to make my birthday cake myself. That day in February 2017, Willem-Pie Bakery was born.

Now, six years later, I have a great team that supports me in my mission. The world is changing. More and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle because they are aware of how their food choices play a role in the environment, animal wellfare and in your personal health. I love that! We can't wait to bring our tasty cakes to a city near you. The sky is the limit!’ 


--- Willemijn van Wenum, founder of Willem-Pie Bakery

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   Our story   

Willem-Pie Bakery offers exclusive pies, cakes and other sweets of high quality. Taste and quality are our top priorities. Everyone should like it, whether you’re vegan or not. We want to show the world how delicious vegan food can be, preferably without people even realizing that it is vegan.

In order to reach as many people as possible, our focus is on sales to foodservice and retail. For example, for a few years now, we have been supplying banana bread every week to all locations of STACH Food and Bagels & Beans.

The catering industry throughout the Netherlands can order our cakes through van Eck Patisserie, Sligro, Pons Koek and Bonbons. In the Rotterdam area our products can be ordered through Zegro.


However, when we opened a pop-up store in 2018 and our permanent store later in 2019, we saw a growing demand from consumers wanting to connect directly with ou brand and products. Of course we love to answer this demand. That is why our shop is now open three days a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and consumers in all of the Netherlands can have our sweets delivered to their home every week via our webshop

What we stand for

Making vegan cake the new normal

We do not use animal ingredients and therefore do not contribute to animal suffering. Yet our products are at least as tasty as the version with animal ingredients.



  • We make our banana bread from residual bananas.

  • Whe package as much as possible in biodegradable packaging.

  • 70% of our ingredients are organic/bio.

  • We don't throw anything away. We sell products in the store that do not have a long shelf life anymore at a discount in the Willem-Pie Fun Packages (keep an eye on our instagram page).


The best taste experience

This is the most important thing for us. Our main focus is to surprise people with unique flavor combinations. We only use the best ingredients!


Or rather: as healthy as possible because cake is never really healthy ;). We do not use trans fats and, where it makes no difference to the taste, we use no or less (refined) sugars and gluten. 


  Friends of Willem-Pie  


"What's not to love about Willem Pie Bakery? So inspired by her background story and incredible infatuated with all her treats. She proves that vegan treats can be just as delicious as regular ones. Wait, did I say ''just as''? I meant they're even better! And I love that she keeps trying new things, that they’re different from other vegan treats and that they're not only heavenly filled with coconut oil and nuts. This is the new big thing guys! Why put refined sugars and animal products in your food, and feel guilty after eating them, when you can have this!?"


—  Tessa Moorman, founder of The Green Happiness


Team Willem-Pie  

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