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We aim to inspire to love life and the planet through delicious vegan cake.

Willem-Pie Bakery offers high quality, exclusive cakes with a focus on taste and a foundation of vegan baking. For us, the quality and flavour of the cakes are most important when aiming to provide unparalleled taste that all cake lovers can enjoy. We are inclusion focused company, meaning, we aim to please cake eaters of all kinds, as long as we exclude animal products from the ingredient list. We make an effort to source ingredients locally and strive to buy all our products from local producers by 2022. This not only ensures a high quality product, but also reduces our environmental footprint, allwhile pleasing people’s taste buds!



Five years ago, inspired by her desire for a healthy body and healthy planet, Founder Willemijn van Wenum switched to a plant-based diet. Despite popular belief, she soon discovered that eating plant based does not mean missing out on good food. However, in her opinion, there was a still a gap in the market that was not yet well served with enough tasty options- vegan cakes. 


Luckily, Willemijn’s biggest passion has always been baking cakes and other sweets. In March 2017, she quit her corporate job and followed her passion.  She began to bake vegan versions of her most loved classic cakes and as a result, Willem-Pie Bakery was born that day. From office job to vegan baker. 

‘The world is changing. More and more people

are choosing a vegan lifestyle as a result of being aware of how their food choices play a role in the environment and in personal health. I think that is awesome! I started this project because I want to show as many people as possible that for a delicious baked good that has the same texture and taste as the classic cakes we all know, no animal products are needed.  Now, 2.5 years later, I have an amazing team joining me on this mission, and we can’t wait to bring our tasty treats to a city near you. The sky is the limit!.’ 


Hello world. Meet Willem-Pie Bakery and fall in love with our vegan goodness! 


--- Willemijn van Wenum, founder and CEO of Willem-Pie Bakery




"What's not to love about Willem Pie Bakery? So inspired by her background story and incredible infatuated with all her treats. She proves that vegan treats can be just as delicious as regular ones. Wait, did I say ''just as''? I meant they're even better! And I love that she keeps trying new things, that they’re different from other vegan treats and that they're not only heavenly filled with coconut oil and nuts. This is the new big thing guys! Why put refined sugars and animal products in your food, and feel guilty after eating them, when you can have this!?"

—  Tessa Moorman, founder of The Green Happiness



Reina Trifunovic: Chef production

Kim Spaanstra: Bakers assistant

Ikrame Aaouine: Patissier

Wil van der Spek: Bakers assistant

Sarah Fisher: Advisor and board member

Willemijn van Wenum: Founder and CEO


Photography: Hanna ’t Sas

Graphic design: Rick van Wensen

Website by: Coco Jansen 


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Willem-Pie Bakery B.V.

Johan Huizingalaan 76

1065 JD Amsterdam


+31 6 18 76 94 81

Call us from Monday till Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

KVK: 75619148


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